Success Stories

“Before starting Beachbody, I completely lost who I was. I felt like a shell of who I was before gaining weight.

I would look in the mirror or see pictures of myself and not recognize who I was seeing. I felt lost! I didn’t want to go to places where people would see me.

I was depressed about my weight and I felt so insecure. I was heartbroken emotionally that I could do certain things with my kids; that I couldn’t be the best mom and wife my family deserved.

I lost 117 pounds doing 21 Day Fix. My body is now lean, healthy, and I’m STRONG!

I love the way my body looks and the way I feel. I’m so confident in who I am now, from the inside out!

My life has changed drastically — now I love to go shopping and doing things with my family. I use to hide behind my kids and husband for pictures, now I take pictures standing right next to them.

I go out and do things with my kids —  I have the energy to play with them! I couldn’t go sledding with my kids because it was too hard getting up the hills but now I can climb right up with them.

I now look in the mirror and at pictures and see ME! It’s been an amazing and emotional journey.

Even though I’m the one that did 21 Day Fix, Beachbody has helped my whole family. My husband and even my 7-year-old daughter did workouts with me — and my husband even lost 34 pounds!

My husband and kids were eating unhealthy before I started, and then I started making healthy breakfast, lunches, and dinners not just for myself, but also for my family. My kids started requesting healthy snacks for after school.

This program completely changed my whole family’s health and lives!”

“My weight has always been something I have struggled to get under control.

After having two children, I stopped eating healthy, I stopped working out, and I pretty much gave up hope that I would ever be in shape again.

When I couldn’t play on the floor with my children without being completely out of breath just from sitting down, I knew I needed a change.

November 12, 2018, was the heaviest I have ever been: 256 pounds.

That was that day when I made the change for myself and my family. I reached out to my Beachbody Coach and asked for her help; ever since that day, my whole life has changed.

One year ago, I was wearing a size 22 pant and so depressed about how I felt and looked. Beachbody transformed my entire being, not only my physical appearance.

I’m able to play with my boys in the park and run around with them. I feel comfortable in my own skin now and I don’t feel the need to cover up at the beach anymore.

I go into a dressing room and I’m excited to try clothes on because for the first time in a long time I am a size 8!

My husband has the wife back he met 10 years ago and my boys have the mommy they deserve.

I’ve shown my kids that it’s important to eat healthy and exercise — they’re learning and noticing the changes that I am making and that means the world to me.”

“Before I started I felt stuck and out of control with my health and life in general.

I wanted to gain control and feel great in my body.

Beachbody has helped me so much. I feel happier and healthier than ever. I get so excited to start each new program. Always excited for a new challenge.

The mental change has been just as big as the physical change.

My positive mindset is the biggest change for me. I have a whole new view of life and what I am capable of. I have changed from a mindset of ‘I have to work out’ to ‘I get to work out.”

After having five amazing children, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I felt like the blimp and would avoid taking pictures with my kids even at there big events like my daughter’s kindergarten graduation.

I chose to stay at home and hide instead of going out and making memories with my kids.

The final straw that caused me to “push play” was being asked to be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding.

I couldn’t imagine standing next to my beautiful sister in the pictures. I didn’t want to look back and hate those precious images of such a big moment in her life.

I chose to make changes for myself and my family. I wanted to feel worthy of being a mother to my 5 beautiful kids and married to an amazing husband.

My family deserved more than a mother and wife who was avoiding life — they deserve better than that.

“I’m no longer embarrassed to get my picture taken with my kids and I’ve even taken a few selfies! I can stand proud of what I have accomplished.

I know that this lifestyle change is something I will do for the rest of my life. I love working out and setting an example for my young family.

I love getting dressed in my new clothes and going on adventures with my kids and dates with my husband.”

“Being a mom can be hard, but being a mom with zero confidence was crippling.

I had no energy, no goals, and avoided public outings at all costs for fear of being seen or not being able to catch my breath.

I was miserable but tried my best to hide my tears in order to get through my days being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and employee.

So many people told me, ‘Don’t worry about the baby weight, it will come off.’ Yet just a few weeks after having my third son I actually started gaining more weight!

My sons inspired me to start my transformation journey. I saw them playing and laughing and I longed to be able to chase after them and enjoy their energy in the same way my husband was able to.

I was sick of sitting on the sidelines or staying home because of how I felt.

My husband also inspired me. He has loved me no matter my size. He’s encouraged me and stood by me, and even joined me in my struggles.

I’m the ME I dreamed of being! I know what confidence is and feel it growing more and more every day!

I’m proud to say that I’m more patient and have more quality moments with my family. I no longer hear that voice in the back of my head questioning if my clothes fit right, or telling me to pull down my shirt when I sit — those doubts are gone.

I’m truly living and seeing the beauty and what an adventure life can be!

The Beachbody fitness and nutrition programs and Groups are a lifestyle, not a quick fix — and it’s a lifestyle I’m loving and living with success.”

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